A Thousand Days of Edtech, Part 1 of X

The nucleus of edtech is composed of two things: the ability to learn and a sincere love of learning. I’ve been with my company for a little over three and a half years now — more than a thousand days — and I can say with certainty that I have grown my skillset tenfold (at least). Part of these acquisitions were from self-study, but a bigger part of it was connecting with my colleagues from many different teams. I’m sharing a few important things I’ve picked up after having been here for approximately 1000 days, all of which has become deeply ingrained in my work ethic. I want to work in UX design someday, and I’m going to make sure I never forget anything I’ve picked up here.

There’s a lot I’ve learned, so I can’t say for sure how many parts this will be, but my hope is that my experience will help others who have stumbled into the start up world.