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Teaching Center

Udemy, 2018
My Responsibilities

Information architecture, redesign to match brand, UX design

Key Outcomes

Increase utility of Teaching Center; decrease instructor support tickets

Timeline & Team

2 weeks with UX writer, instructor support lead, product design, and instructor product market manager


Udemy is an edtech marketplace, showing that experts don’t need to be professors in order to teach. Courses are created and uploaded by instructors, which can be purchased and viewed by students; it is a global learning community. The Teaching Center is a hub of information aimed at prospective and current instructors who want to improve their craft.

The problem

How might we help new instructors quickly and easily access information about teaching on Udemy, without sending them to support?

The Solution we explored

A full redesign, complete with a name change to "Teaching Center" (it was called the Teach Hub in the past) and updated hierarchy. It reflects the new brand style and ties it into existing resources, like the support center and community.

Understanding the problem

Udemy unveiled its massive rebrand in 2017, with new colors, a new logo, and a new layout. Everything got the makeover except for the Teach Hub, a collection of articles and resources for instructors who want to learn how to create courses (or improve them).

The resource needed to be included in marketing for the new Studio U community being launched. It didn’t just have to match: it had to be usable, and in its original state, there were too many articles to dig through to find what would actually help. This meant that the support team ended up getting more content-related questions rather than the technical questions they were able to help solve.

Research: Avoiding personal bias

Instructor-facing content on Udemy includes the instructor community, the technical support page, and the Teach Hub. Having worked as the community manager and in support, I reached out to the appropriate teams to validate my hypothesis (and avoid personal bias).

Information architecture

Working with the instructor support, product marketing, and UX writing teams, we were able to create hierarchy on the Teaching Center when there was none.

Rebranding from Teach Hub to Teaching Center

Matching visual elements in a short time

Our original timeline was dictated so that both the community and the Teaching Center would launch together, looking fresh and on-brand.

Localization Considerations

I also focused on making sure the Teaching Center was accessible through mobile, and I had a fun time making sure it could be localized properly without breaking the navigation. (The German word for "Teaching Center" is pretty long, not surprisingly.)

Key performance metrics

Our lovely team discussed what metrics we should follow as we talked about information architecture: a decrease in support tickets would be nice, and an increase in organic shares to specific articles would be excellent.


Small teams can do big things in a short amount of time with proper communication channels. This rebrand happened around November, which meant that people were on holiday, and we were able to make the turnaround deadline with time to spare!

Of course, the community launch got pushed back, but this gave us time to work with the contract Wordpress developer. Still, this is one of my favorite projects, because nothing beats being able to build something useful with good people.

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