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Yelp — Nowait App (Restaurant-Facing)

Mobile App. UX Audit — UX Research — UI Design — Feature Addition — Remote Collaboration

Folks who have worked in a restaurant: this may feel terribly familiar. We interviewed restauranteurs around the country to learn how they keep track of servers and their tables. A "shift assignments" feature and discovery of "time stamps" ensues.

Notable assets: UX research, low/mid fidelity sketches

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Yelp — Waitlist (Diner-facing)

Mobile App. UX Discovery — UX Research — UI Design — Feature Addition

Once you've joined a restaurant's waitlist, what do you do to pass the time? On this journey, we learn about what diners care about when they're on a waiting list for a busy restaurant. The result: a "parties ahead of you" feature added to the Yelp Waitlist.

Notable assets: Customer journey map, low fidelity sketches

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Udemy — Teaching Center

Web. UI Design — Redesign: Brand Update — Localization

As humans, we sometimes end up stuck in our old ways. In this case, we ended up with the Teach Hub stuck in-between brand refreshes. Working closely with content strategy and product marketing, we redesigned the Teach Hub into the Teaching Center.

Notable assets: UI mocks, localization explorations

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