A little bit about me

Spelled with two bees, so let's talk bees-niss.

As mentioned, I'm Robbin. I will talk about business stuff first to get it out of the way:

I've been in tech for 7 years and counting, wearing many different hats before landing in product design. I grew up with Udemy, having joined around the 50-people mark, and they grew me well. For example, I took Designlab's UX Academy course full-time whilst still working at Udemy full-time. That said, I'd decided that wherever I go, I want to make sure I can help others grow, too.

Sorting out design roadmaps whilst plotting the current iteration of my portfolio. Taken during the 2020 quarantine, because that's the sort of time we had on our hands.

"I might not know how to do that yet..."

Outside of work, I've been described as "determined af", and "whatever the word is for when you need to get something done...yeah, that's you" by friends and colleagues alike.

Over the years, I've taught myself K-pop dances, crochet, bread-baking, how to taste fine notes in fancy teas, and several different languages (which helped a lot with traveling to Japan and Germany), among other things. Give me something interesting to work on, and I'll likely pick it up within the week. Currently, I'm learning how to draw from a NASA roboticist who does art on the side. (Specific!)

Want to connect?

Drop me a line via hello@robbinarcega.com if you'd like to discuss an interesting problem at work, or if you have a question about design education...or if you just want to talk about boba or Final Fantasy.

Standing next to a tiny car outside of Maids of Honour, a tea house opened in 1850 or so.

P.S. — To any students learning UX design out there hoping to make a change:

This is a reminder that you've got this. Remember that your perspective, your voice, matters. Have a good support network, and let them help you up when you fall down. It's not going to be an easy journey, but if you love the work, it will be worth it. (But seriously, be kind to yourself, first and foremost.)