Hi, I'm Robbin and I drink a LOT of tea.

Hi, I'm Robbin and I drink a LOT of tea.

WHO IS Robbin?


As they say in Hamilton: "I'm young, scrappy and hungry, and I'm not throwing away my shot."

My name is Robbin -- yes, with two B's -- and I've done web design for a long, long time. I was 10 when I made my first website on Angelfire (I also had one on Geocities). I had no idea that web design could go anywhere beyond a hobby for me. More than a decade later, I'm reteaching myself HTML and CSS, and I've taken courses on UX design to achieve my goal of becoming a Proper Designer.

In addition to web design, I'm also an introverted people-person. I've done community management and support. I also help friends work out career-related things, like resume writing, interview tips from friends in the tech world, and more.


...I'm a Person of Many Interests

I'm a huge fan of art of all kinds. The only time I got to spend a good amount of time in an art museum was in London, because all of the museums there are free. Historical art is my favorite, and I will happily admit that I don't really understand modern art at all. Within the realm of crafts, I crochet and draw. I taught myself how to do both, and there's a wonderful sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a crochet piece for a friend, or creating a greeting card for a birthday. I also write: I've completed several journals since I was a kid. By no means am I amazing at all of these things, but I can definitely say that these things make me happy.

My party tricks: I'm adept at tea tastings and can distinguish between five different Oriental Beauty teas from the same region but from five different farms, so if you give me a tea that I've had before, I'd be able to identify it pretty closely. Mimicry is the best and the most useful for me. I can match the pitch of words quite well by parroting words back. This skill makes it easier for me to get a grasp on languages. I'm fluent in English, Tagalog, and Japanese. I can get around with French and I also have a basic grasp on German. If you sit me down in front of enough Chinese dramas, I can echo a few words in Mandarin.

If I'm interested in something, I will pursue it until I have a good sense of mastery. Board games are one of my pastimes, and they're surprisingly useful for experience design (how complex do the rules need to be, and how long will it take for me to get a game going?). My rule is to play a game three times before judging them. The first time is to learn the rules; the second is to get a feel for it; and by the third time, I should be able to strategize enough to attempt to win. From here, I can decided to keep playing this game, or try something else that suits me. I also go about travel in the same way: some people like to collected stamps from many countries, but I like choosing a couple and exploring them thoroughly. My passport currently looks like this: Japan, England, Japan, England. The plan is to continue the pattern until I feel like I've had enough of these countries.

Today, I dream about living in London as I ponder strategies for winning board games whilst crocheting to an audiobook.


If You're Bored, Here's some reccs:

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