robbin arcega
I'm standing next to a tiny car in London -- found outside a teahouse that opened in 1850.

Standing next to a tiny car outside of Maids of Honour, a tea house opened in 1850 or so.

Robbin's Code of (Design) Honor

  1. Design responsibly.
  2. Understand the user first and foremost.
  3. Time-box yourself and stick to it.
  4. Remember that design is iterative.
  5. Know your team's strengths; they'll be the ones building it, after all.
  6. Cross-team collaboration is key.
  7. Assume best intent.
  8. Design needs feedback to survive.
  9. Always carry a sketchbook (or stay close to a whiteboard).
  10. Know the difference between design as a philosophy and design in practice.

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