Robbin Arcega

Hello! I’m Robbin!

I’m a product designer at Udemy.
I facilitate group design critiques with Designlab.
I’ve been in edtech for 5 years (wearing many hats).



Product Designer, End to End

Internal Tools (Or, a Study in CMS)

I am currently taking on daunting task of organizing the information architecture of internal tools, as well as designing a GUI for the employees that use it.


ux/ui design

Teaching Center

Another current project is the redesign for the Instructor Teach Hub, renamed to the Teaching Center, to ensure that it meets criteria for the current design system and is refreshed with the brand in mind.


Mobile App Designer, End to End

Android App Redesign

Full-stack design exploration exercising UX research muscle, information architecture, and UI design to highlight features of the app that were underserved at the time.

Content Strategist
UX Writer

An FAQ for Beginners

A project heavy in UX writing and content strategy, I created assets for UX research in the form of commonly asked questions from UX beginners.